Can Keto Diet become a Lifestyle?

Following a ketogenic or keto diet is accelerated weight loss is one of the great benefits. In addition, it can be considered one of the most successful eating plans in terms of results if done properly, making you want to lead a healthier and healthier lifestyle for a long time.

You’ve probably wondered how ideal it is for my health to stay on keto or how healthy it is to maintain this lifestyle for a long time?

Entering a ketogenic state is achieved by restricting your intake of carbohydrates that are regularly your main energy source. By not consuming them and running out of the ones we have in reserve, your body will look for another alternative as a source of energy by putting as the first alternative the production of this through the liver to continue with the adipose tissue, i.e. body fat and this being the main provider to achieve the activities of the day today. The greater the demand for energy, the more your body will expand and utilise the fat, resulting in weight loss.

The state of ketosis is reached from the first week of keto dieting, as long as you have been consistent and uninterrupted with carbohydrate-containing foods.

The first few days of entering ketosis, you may experience symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, fatigue or dizziness caused by the change of energy “switch” and the adaptation process, which is why you must be properly supplemented with vitamins so that possible symptoms do not lead to decompensation. However, you will soon begin to experience the changes:

  • Their appetite is reduced.
  • There is less anxiety.
  • You will have more energy for all your activities, less inflammation and of course weight loss healthily.

One of the keto diet benefits is that unlike other diets where there is a “rebound”, it is very difficult to regain your weight. This, of course, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, modify your sugar intake and continue to watch your carbohydrate intake to eat in a balanced way, you don’t have to be afraid of them if you know how to manage them.

But what if you want to follow the same lifestyle? How long can you stay on the keto diet?

Ketogenic diet can be followed for three continuous months without interruption for optimal results. It is not recommended as a lifestyle as it may no longer be functional or would no longer have the same effect as the body would adapt to this deficit and would not have the desired results. The keto diet is very good and has great benefits, but it should always be guided by your specialist and with the right recommendations to do it correctly. Just as there is an entry into a ketogenic state, there is an exit. This is carried gradually incorporating carbohydrates into the regular diet. The transition is 7 to 15 days at least, and if you decide to return to ketosis or keto, you should spend at least 30 days. In this way, you should return to favourable results, as long as your specialist prescribes it.

Regularly consult with your nutritionist and doctor to check your health status. Blood tests can be done to know them and thus manage the healthiest eating plan for you.

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